Cligon Research Institute (CRI) is a private non-profit research center dedicated to conducting world-class collaborative research.

Our mission is to advance human health through leading-edge research, innovation, and dissemination of research findings to improve the detection and treatment of diseases including autism, cardiovascular, autoimmune and many others. 

Within the Institute, our researchers focus their efforts on the development of new knowledge that can be applied directly to patient care. Through collaboration and the sharing of research discoveries, CRI researchers make a difference in patients' lives every day.

    • We partner with clinicians, fellow researchers, and local and national organizations.
    • Our work aims to improve quality of life and reduce health disparities through patient, community, and


We seek to answer questions such as:

    • Which preventive measures, screening tools, and interventions work best?
    • How can we ensure that health care is provided in a patient-centered, evidence based approach? 
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